Detonator Boxes & Explosives Transportation Boxes

CR Metal Fabricators has developed a line of explosives transportation boxes and explosives transport bodies for the mining industry, forestry industry, road building sector and oil & gas industry on Vancouver Island, mainland BC and Canada-wide.

The explosives transportation boxes and explosives transport bodies range from aluminum bolt-in boxes that fit in a pickup truck box with barrier laminate dividers between the explosive area and the detonator box area to complete explosives transportation carrier bodies fabricated from steel. These bodies feature non-sparking barrier laminate dividers, accessory storage cabinets and drill steel carrier tubes. All our explosives transportation boxes, blasting powder boxes and detonator boxes meet Transport Canada requirements.

Explosives Transportation Boxes For Rent

At CR Metal Fabricators we also have a number of explosives transport boxes and blasting powder boxes for short or long term rental. We service Vancouver Island, BC and Canada wide, please see our online brochure for explosives transportation rental information. Call us toll free at 1-877-923-6313 to discuss blasting powder box and explosives transportation box rental rates that will work for your project, schedule and budget.